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Different Types of Eczema Symptoms

Eczema is the conventional term to identify any skin swelling and it is also formally known as dermatitis. Eczema is of different types and it is identified with various eczema symptoms. They affect people of all ages specifically children below 3 years. These diseases are genetic in nature and mostly come along with allergic conditions such as asthma or hay fever. It is estimated that 20% infants and a small percentage of adults have this disease. The […]

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Eczema Symptoms: How To Tell If Your Baby Has Eczema?

Atopic dermatitis, popularly known as eczema, is one skin condition common to infants. Its incidence has increased threefold in the past 10 years in babies younger than 2 years. Eczema is easily recognized in children and, although common, its symptoms should not be ignored, as the exacerbation of eczema can lead to supra-infection and create a lot of discomfort. The most common symptoms of atopic dermatitis eczema are: Symptom # 1- Small, red skin bumps One primary […]

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