Different Types of Eczema Symptoms

Eczema is the conventional term to identify any skin swelling and it is also formally known as dermatitis. Eczema is of different types and it is identified with various eczema symptoms. They affect people of all ages specifically children below 3 years. These diseases are genetic in nature and mostly come along with allergic conditions such as asthma or hay fever. It is estimated that 20% infants and a small percentage of adults have this disease. The cause of the eczema could be an atypical functioning of the immunity system of the patient's body. It can also be caused due to reasons like ecological allergens.

The symptoms differ from individual to individual and also based on the eczema types. The usual eczema is dryness and reddening of the skins. The reddened skin intensely itches or burns and these are the prior symptoms for many people. The patients can be spotted with blood blister and emission starches. These symptoms of eczema could be seen mainly on the patients face, neck, and sometimes on their knees, ankles an inside their elbows. They can arise as a concise symptoms or it can be persist for a prolonged period becoming a chronic disease for the patients.

The Atopic eczema is common for toddlers and the reason is mainly due to the malfunctioning of their immune systems. They are itching and irritated skin. The eczema which has reddening of skins along with itches and burns is Contact eczema. There are very reactive when they come in contact with substances such as chemicals, detergents and perfumes.

The seborrhea eczema is identified with the symptoms such as oily yellowish and scaly patches on skins. These patches are commonly found on cheeks and scalps and sometimes on other parts. The reasons for these are diagnosed as stress and oily nature of the skins of the patients. The Nummular eczema is identified by coin shaped rashes on the skins. These are mainly felt by the sufferers around their elbows, backs and under their feet.They are visible in many aged men and they are usually chronic in nature.

The Neurodermatitis is a chronic skin inflammation which is sensed with high scratchy itching. They are much closer to the insect bites which are reactive on periodic cycles and reactive to allergic materials and chemicals. The Stasis eczema symptoms are typically seen on the patient's lower legs. These are mainly due to the venous unsafe. The Neurodermatitis is a chronic skin inflammation which is sensed with high scratchy itching which is because of malfunction of their circulatory problems. They are found in most of the elderly and aged people.

The Dyshidrotic eczema is marked by symptoms such as rashes on palms and on the toes, rapidly increase with the sunny and warmer seasons. They are prone to both male and female of all ages.The diagnoses of this disease are a little more complex since they do not rely on physical examination alone. The eczema is similar to other skin diseases. They do not have any specific laboratory tests.

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