Reduce Skin Redness and Inflammation: 7 Tips That Work Quickly

Skin redness & inflammation is a relatively common problem. It may affect the face or other parts of the body. The underlying cause is irritation. You might think of it as a symptom. Here are 7 tips that can help you reduce the common sources of irritation.

1. Check Your Skincare Products for Irritating Ingredients

Most skincare products contain irritants and allergens. Because they are used on the outside of your body, companies have been less concerned or cautious about cosmetic ingredients. Only recently have new companies come on the scene to offer safer alternatives. Some of the more irritating ingredients include alcohol and abrasive particles. Yet alcohol is included as an ingredient in practically all popular skincare products. Check the label of ingredients and stop using it if it contains an irritant.

2. Cleanse Gently

Dermatologists have stated emphatically that they see far more problems caused by over-cleansing than by under-cleansing. Good hygiene is of obvious importance, but it is simply unnecessary to scrub. This is especially true when it comes to your face. Exfoliants should not be used on a daily basis. They may not be necessary at all.

3. Choose a Gentle Natural Cleanser

The cause of skin redness & inflammation could be the ingredients in the cleanser. Many of them contain exfoliating ingredients that are known to be irritating. A good foaming cleanser that contains natural ingredients like kiwifruit extract will keep your skin clean without making it red or irritated.

4. Always Moisturizer Your Face

Many people think that a moisturizer is not necessary. Some people think they have oily skin and that a moisturizer will make their problem worse. Everyone who washes their face on a daily basis should be using a good daily moisturizer. One of the best contains grape seed oil and natural vitamin E which are known to reduce skin redness & inflammation. Another ingredient is a proprietary one that actually stops the inflammatory product. It's a little more difficult to find, but it alone could solve the problem.

5. Moisturize Your Body

Although the face is the most common location for this kind of irritation, it could affect any part of your body. Choose a good natural body lotion and use it right after you shower. Ingredients like jojoba oil have natural anti-inflammatory activity. Jojoba is also beneficial for reducing stretch marks and scars.

6. Use Caution in the Sun and Wind

The sun and wind can also be irritants. Your facial moisturizer and body lotion will help prevent skin redness & inflammation caused by excessive exposure to the elements, but you should still use caution. Wear protective clothing and avoid direct sunlight on your face whenever possible.

7. Take Fish Oil

Fish oil is known for its natural anti-inflammatory activity. Some brands are better than others when it comes to anti-inflammatory activity. Don't think that any brand is better than none. Some brands could actually do more harm than good, because they contain toxins. Environmental groups have proven that to be true.

If you use all seven of these tips for reducing skin redness & inflammation, you should see your problem resolved in no time.

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